Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Couches, sofas, dining chairs and all padded furniture can serve as the beautifying centerpiece of any room, but these can also serve as collection points for dirt, dust, and other allergy-causing particles. Upholstery cleaning is mostly overlooked and this is where Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne comes into play. We are here to provide an intensive cleaning service to refresh and clean upholstery and soft furnishings at your home as well as workplace throughout Melbourne.

At Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we ensure the use of high quality chemicals and boosters that will deal with stubborn stains whilst protecting the fabrics. We are extremely confident in our ability to deal with a huge range of household and work environment spills, coupled with our fully trained and skilled staff, together with many years of experience leading to the most satisfying results both for our clients and ourselves.

The most common factors spoiling the appearance of upholstered furniture are beverage spills and oily stains on arms and headrests. Regular cleaning of your upholstery furniture by qualified cleaning technician will extend the life of delicate upholstery fabrics significantly, while keeping them looking and feeling good. The cleaning of upholstery fabric constructions requires knowledge and a more gentle approach using the appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques for outstanding results. In fact, upholstery cleaning is recommended at least once after every 6 months for longevity and sustainability of the furniture.

Why choose us?

  • Specific stain removal techniques for soft furnishings
  • Flexible appointments 24x7
  • Customer-friendly approach coupled with skilled staff
  • Attention to every minute detail and specification
  • Prevention of asthma and other health issues during the cleaning process to ensure healthier environment around
  • Cost-effective cleaning services
  • Utilization of safest and effective cleaning methods

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Melbourne